Security Staff Management

Employee Management
Employee creation
Screen to enter and maintain employee details
Employee Assignment
Assign each employee to each location
Attendance Marker
Screen to mark the attendance of each employee
Salary Management
Salary definition
Salary structure definition for each employee. To state whether PF yes/no, other benefits, % of benefits
Salary Calculation
Calculate the salary of an individual employee and print it
Salary Advance
Screen to make the advance payment of salary
Account Head Creation
Screen to create each Account Head such as Petrol Expenses, Repairs, Electricity charges etc.
Screen to capture the expenses under each account head date wise
Bank Transactions Screen to maintain the bank deposits and withdrawal
Customer management
Contract Management
Maintain the contract with each customer, Customer's address, Rate for each service, Duration, Count of Security staff etc.
Invoice Generation Create the invoice for payment to the customer for the service provided
Receive payments
To collect the payments from customers against the invoice generated and submitted.

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Employee Bio Data
Print the complete details of an employee
Salary Report
Report of the salary of all the employees based on filters like date, designation etc.
Work Assignment report
Report which shows who is working on which location between a particular date range
Salary Advance Report
List of all the salary advances paid and their recovery status
Expense reports Report which shows the expenses under each head with a date range
Cash Transaction/Balance
Report which shows all the income and expenses and balance cash in hand and Bank
Master Setup
Designation Management
Create and Maintain employee Designations Like Security, Supervisor, Gardner etc.
Location Master
Screen to maintain each service location
List of contracts Reports which list out all the active / inactive contracts and the service/count of staff etc.