ERP Production Manufacturing Industry Software


Production Process

Process Definition

Screen to define the process. Option to name the process, define the input items of the processes, add the machines used under this processes, associate the expenses expected. Once the process accepts its name the first step is to define its output.


Real Estate Portal


Machines Master Screen to create Machines
Process-Related-Expenses Screen to define various levels of expenses which can occur during the production process
item preparation definition Screen to define the possible inputs and machinery for making an item.
Screen to run a
This screen formally starts a process. Once a process is started, there will be option to capture the process running log
Process Running Log The values for the associated processes attributes are captured through this screen. The consumption of items, machine running logs, expenses etc are permitted to be captured here. Every day how much electricity is consumed, everyday how much labor expense
Process dashboard All the related information of a process is shown here. Expected and consumption-till-now are shown against each associated attribute.
running expenses
The report which explains the expenses incurred during the execution of a process till the selected day since it started
Report-Process output The report which explains the output till a particular date once it started along with the consumption of input items and usage of machinery
Report-Machine-Productivity Productivity of a selected machine between a selected duration
Order Processing
Item Category Screen to define the category of items.
Item Master Screen to maintain the items under their categories. Here the option will be there to tag the items with the source process. It captures the data such as Purchase date, contact details of supporting vendor, etc.
Tax Master Define & update Various Taxes
Unit Price definition Screen to define the unit prices of the items, batch wise. Also captures the expiry dates
Dealer Order screen Screen to accept the order for different items. This screen will go for preparing delivery note against the order.
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Order lists   Screen to list the orders grouped by items.   Order Statement   Report on the number of orders and their processing till serving for a date range
Prepare delivery note   Delivery note can be prepared against the order. Delivery note can be approved after manually verifying the stock level. Delivery note is editable till generating the invoice.. Invoice will be generated based on delivery note against the Dealer order.   Sales return   Screen to capture sales return because of batch expiry date/ damage/ etc.
Sales return Statement   Report on the Sales return and their warranty date and total quantity of Sales return between date ranges.   Sales return disposal   Screen to approve Sales return disposal
Customer / Dealer management
Dealer Master   Create and Maintain dealer specific data.   Route Master   Create and Maintain route specific to the dealer location.
Invoice Generation   Create the invoice for payment to the Dealer for the service provided   Receive payments - payment slip   Receive payments - payment slip
Receive payments – Receipt   To collect the payment from field executive against the invoice by the account executive.   Item search Report   Enquiry in the items based on its various characteristics, such as guarantee, warranty, purchase date
User Management   Screen to create and maintain user. Password reset etc.
Other reports
Payment due from a dealer   Report that displays payment dues from dealer.   Dealer Grade report   report of dealers who are doing business more than a particular amount, payment frequency, volume of business etc.
Item Stock Update   Screen to add/reduce the stock of the items.   Item movement report   Report which shows the inflow and out flow quantity of a selected item for a particular date range
Vendor Master   Screen to maintain the list of all the vendors and their contact details   Purchase order   Screen to generate the purchase order selecting the items which are less in stock. The lower limit of stock is accepted through the Item Master screen for each item
Bill From vendor   Screen to enter the bill from vendor on the items purchased. This will be used to make the payments through the payment screen   Payments to vendors   Screen to handle the payments to vendors. For each vendor the pending amount to be paid will be displayed here and those which are appropriate can be selected and the payment can be executed.
Employee Management
Employee creation   Screen to enter and maintain employee details   Designation Management Master   Create and Maintain employee Designations Like Supervisor, Plumber etc.
Employee Assignment   Assign each employee to each location   Attendance Marker   Screen to capture the number of working days of each employee
Salary Management
Salary definition   Salary structure definition for each employee. To state whether PF yes/no, other benefits, % of benefits   Salary Calculation   Calculate the salary of an individual employee and print it
Salary Advance Screen to make the advance payment of salary
Account Head Creation   Screen to create each Account Head such as Petrol Expenses, Repairs, Electricity charges etc.   Expenses   Screen to capture the expenses under each account head date wise
Bank Transactions   Screen to maintain the bank deposits and withdrawal
Other Reports
Employee Bio Data   Print the complete details of an employee   Salary Report   Report which shows all the salary related details of the employees for a particular date duration
Salary Slip Printing   report to print the salary slip for each employee once the salary calculation is performed for a month   Leaves   Screen to capture the leaves for an employee in advance
Salary Advance Report   List of all the salary advances paid and their recovery status   Attendance report   List the attendance of an employee for a particular time period
Expense reports   Report which shows the expenses under each head with a date range   Cash Transaction/Balance   Report which shows all the income and expenses and balance cash in hand and Bank
Collection Report   Collection report specific to a date range & customer
Tele-calling Management Software
Potential Dealer Registration   Screen to register the Potential Dealer accepting all the required details. This is done by a user or Admin   Assign Potential Dealer to Employee   Screen used by Admin to assign each Potential Dealer to the employee/user for further follow-up
Follow-up reminder
Capture/change the status of client/ Potential Dealer   Screen to change the Potential Dealer status into a dealer. This is done by a user or Admin. An order can be taken against only a dealer.   Potential Dealer Search(FULL)   The list which shows all the details of the Potential Dealers. The users will see only those assigned to them. Admin can see all the Potential Dealers.
Potential Dealer Communication   Screen to log all the interactions with the Potential Dealer. enquiring about the work opportunity, informing the executive’s site visit schedule, enquiring the status etc.   List of Potential Dealer   Report which shows the Potential Dealer list based on various criteria such as, site visit scheduled, location, etc.
Performance of Users   Report for Admin which shows the statistics of the users/employees. Showing how many calls attended, handled how many Dealers, how many scheduled for site visit.   Mail Catalogue   option to send catalogue to a particular customer/ dealer and view the status in history
Business category   To capture the category of the dealer like A,B,C,D
Vehicle/Transport Management System
List of Vehicles   Screen to maintain the list of vehicles and their document related details expiry etc.   Vehicle Running Log   Screen to get the data of the vehicle usage logged with number of kilometers, purpose, petrol expense etc.
Vehicle Running Report   Report which shows the details of the data logged between any given duration