Hospital Management system

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 User Management   Screen to create/delete/modify the users and assign the access rights to them
 Change Password   Screen for the users to change their password
 Departments   Screen to create/modify /delete the various departments  in the organization
 Beds   Screen to create/modify/delete various beds in the hospital. These beds are used for
 Medical Attributes   Screen to define the medical attributes Under each group, like blood pressure, sugar etc. Medical history of a patient will be recorded against these attributes
 Illness List   List of all the illnesses treated. This list will be used during capturing the result of the consultation
 Service List   List of all services like injection, dressing etc are defined here. These entries will be used during the bill processing
 Doctors List   List of all Doctors, with their qualification , Department, Consultation Fee(Doctor-Share & Hospital-Share) etc.
 Patient Management
 Patient Registration(Doctor Specific)   Screen to register a patient on the first time. A registration number is generated here and it will be referred everywhere for the patient. The registration fee will be calculated based on the Doctors selected. Registration slip can be printed from here. Any additional charges along with Regisrtaion
 Registrations/Renewal   Screen which lists out all the registered patients. From here we can delete or go to modify the registration details of a patient.
 Patient Searching Screen   Screen to quickly search the patients based on their name, age, Husbant/Wife/Father details, location from etc.
 Patient Medical History   Screen to capture the medical history of a patient under each type of Medical Tests(Scanning, ECG, Blood Test etc.) This screen is capturing various values against the medical attributes defined in the Medical Attribute section
Appointment Booking   Screen to book the appointment for a registered patient.
View Appointments   Screen which lists out all the appointments entered. Here the option is there to edit/delete an appointment
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Enter Prescriptions   Screen to enter the appointment details and prescriptions once the consultation is over. The details of the illness also is captured here
View Prescriptions   Screen to list all the prescriptions and link to modify any of them if needed
In Patient Management
In Patient Admission   Screen to make an inpatient admission. To assign a room/bed which is not occupied
In Patient Services   Screen to capture the details of the treatment and the items consumed while being inpatient and/or being in operation theatre and/or being in ICU. These details will be available while the inpatient bill is generated.
Rounds Log(Case Sheet)   Screen to capture the observations and suggestions during the rounds made by the duty doctor against each patient/bed
Nurse's Record Sheet   Screen to capture the time to time assistances and medication details for every patient.
Clinical Chart   Screen To capture the patient's Temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, BP etc. at regular intervals
Discharge Summary   Screen to prepare the discharge summary for a patient. There will be option to select the necessary information to include in the discharge summary. This can be printed from here
Generate  Bill   Billing(outpatient+in-patient+general) . Provisions to tax , discount etc.
View Bills   Screen to list out all the bills based on a date duration, patient registration id etc.
Item Categories   Screen to define the categories of items. The items generated will be under each category.
Items   Screen to create/edit/delete all the items. Items are tagged under their categories mentioned in the Categories section
Item Prices   Screen to define the unit price of each item. Future prices also can be fed in to this screen so that the prices will be effective from the mentioned date.
Stock Updates   Option to add the items to the stock. This is needed periodically as the stock is getting reduced during billing.
Purchase Order   Screen to generate the purchase order of the items. Option is given to identify the items which are close to their lower limit.
View Purchase Order   Screen which lists out all the purchase orders generated.
Vendors   Screen which maintains the details of all the vendors.
Bill From vendor   Screen to enter the bill from vendor on the items purchased. This will be used to make the payments through the payment screen
Payments to vendors   Screen to handle the payments to vendors. For each vendor the pending amount to be paid will be displayed here and those which are appropriate can be selected and the payment can be executed.
Employee BioData   Report which shows all the personal and official details of the employees.
Daily Patient Count   Report which shows the count of registrations/consultations of each day between a date duration given
Items consumption   Report which shows the consumption of items happened during a date range
Balance Payments   Report which displays the balance payments to each vendor
Cash Statement   Report which shows the cash transactions against each vendor. This can be filtered date wise.
Designation master   Screen to define the designations of the employees. While adding the details of an employee, the designation will need to be selected
Employee Master   Screen to capture the details of the employees like name, address designation, contact details etc.
Salary Definition   Screen to define the salary of each employee including deductions like PF, ESI etc. These details will be considered while calculating the salary slip.
Duty Planner   Screen to plan the duties of each employee in advance and publish as a chart. Option to allocate each staff to the available future slot
Duty Report   Report which lists the allotted duties. This can be printed and published on a daily basis.
Attendance Marker   Screen to mark/capture the attendance of the employees everyday manually as well as from excel sheet of punching machine
Salary calculation   Screen to calculate and finalize the salary of each employee for every month.
Attendance Report   Report which shows the attendance details of each employee for a month(date duration)
Salary Slip Printing   report to print the salary slip for each employee once the salary calculation is performed for a month
Leaves   Screen to capture the leaves for an employee in advance
Salary Advance   Screen to capture the advance amount paid to the employees. This will be deducted from the salary during salary calculation
Employee Profile report   Report which gives all the details of the employees. Including salary details
Salary Report   Report which shows all the salary related details of the employees for a particular date duration
Account Heads Master   Screen to define each account head. The income and expenses will be captured against these account heads
General Income entry   Screen to capture the income details against each account head
General Expense entry   Screen to capture the general expenses against each account head
Income/Expense report   Report which shows the income and expenses for a particular date duration. Day Close can be managed from here.
Bank Transactions   Screen to Capture the bank transactions. Deposit as well as withdrawals
Pending Cheque Management   Screen to manage the pending cheques (income & expenses) whether they got cleared or bounced. The total cash/bank balances will be changed accordinglyScreen to manage the pending cheques (income & expenses) whether they got cleared or bounced. The total cash/bank balances will be changed accordingly
Card payments Management   Screen to clear the card payments to confirm the payment has been successful, so that the cash balance can be updated to reflect in the reports
Insurance Claims Management   Screen to manage the insurance claims from the patients. The payments will kept pending until the insurance claim is marked as processed.