We Are?

ORICA TECHNOLOGIES (a unit of S B Enterprises) is an INDIA based Software Solution provider. We mainly focus on high quality solutions with Web designing, Software development, System Administration & Network Integration services. Our specialized skills include technologies like Centura Team Developer (Gupta Team Developer, SQL Windows) etc. Our SEO Services, Branding & Internet Marketing Services boost your business online.


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* ORICA TECHNOLOGIES (a unit of S B Enterprises) is managed by a Team with     international / domestic industry expossure

* We have management and technical expertise of more than a decade in the     industry

*  Our Quality standards meet approval of the world

*  Cost saving approach


Save up to 60%!

Orica Technologies offers IT Services to its clients worldwide. Services offered include Website Designing, Software Development, System Administration, Network Integration, Mobile Applications Development, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing & Branding.

Hire our Expert Professionals Full Time at 1/3rd the cost of your in house developers.

Process Highlights: We offer Quality Work at Affordable Prices, Competent In-house Professionals, Strategic and Methodical Approach, Effective Project Control through Project Management System and Seamless Communication.


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